Letter From Our Founder : Alissa McDonald 

I am the founder and lead photographer for The Mark Makers Organization. Our mission is to provide no cost photography services to those affected by pediatric illness. I capture hope and fear, despair and resolve, love and heartache, joy and perseverance. I capture these things for families because they were captured for me. Because above Founder and Photographer comes my most important title...Mom. 

My youngest daughter has been fighting for her place in this world from the moment she came into it. We have spent much of her life living within hospital walls or in isolation. My dear friend (and immensely talented photographer) Meg Perotti would lug her camera along when she came to visit us. It was through her lens that I saw dreamlike beauty in the nightmare that is parenting a patient. She documented our version of childhood milestones... Rileys first rounds of chemotherapy at the age of 2 months, her first hospital discharge at 7 months, the terrifying days in the PICU at age 3 during which time she was clinging on to her life supported by a machine. The view of our journey through Megs talents has brought me and so many others an unspeakable amount of strength and gratitude. I could think of no better way to thank Meg for the gift she gave me than to devote my life giving it to others.

The Mark Makers exists to honor my daughters and the countless other children burdened by their bodies and cruel illnesses that consume their siblings. My children and those I have the privilege to photograph have taught me more than I ever thought possible about love and strength.  

 To Riley. To Presley. To Meg. You three are my original Mark Makers.

With Gratitude, 

Alissa McDonald