The room was dimly lit...for every nurse that asked if I wanted the lights on my answer was the same..."no thank you" I don't need light, I work in the dark. That's the whole find the light in the darkness and be able to share it.

To not change a thing in the room, to not alter the environment a bit for that baby working oh so hard to breathe. ⁣ ⁣ The Mom seemed nervous...unsure of where to stand she stayed tucked back watching me as I zoomed in on her boys features.

I knew if I wasn't in the room she would be standing over the crib, rubbing his toes and whispering just loud enough for him to hear her voice over the sound of the machines. I stopped shooting. I knew there was a language barrier but I had an idea of how to break it.

"Can I show you something?" She nodded her head and walked towards me.

I pulled up a picture of myself on my where I am leaning over an intubated little Riley.

"That's me...that's my daughter...she's ok now...but that's US."

I literally felt the nerves leave her body as she looked from my phone to meet my eyes. Her face softened into a smile...a knowing one...a comfortable one. Before she saw me as a she saw me as her. Because I am...I am her, I am every mother I have ever captured. With that she found her place in the room...right back at his side where she belonged, the place she always is when no one is looking. ⁣ ⁣ And just like that...light.

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